Danger of Lack of Funds in NGO

Danger of Lack of Funds in NGO

Many NGOs find it difficult to garner sufficient and continuous funding for their work. Gaining access to appropriate donors is a major component of this challenge. They may have genuine vision and great heart to help humanity but they cannot achieve this height without funds. Many NGOs in Africa and Asia especially in Nigeria are suffering lack of funding.

One might ask why Nigeria NGO is suffering. There is a simple answer to this question: News of Fraudulent activities and funding mismanagement.

Many NGOs are actually operating strong businesses that enrich the owners while the poor masses suffer

In 2017, we received a $500 donation from a fundraising event in North America and soon as I announced to some volunteer’s we got this funds and I want us all to know and plan the needs we can meet with it I began receiving messages to divert the funds to start building my personal house. However I resisted and it was used to purchase SHOES for over 250 Orphans in Eket, Oron and other villages. This went along way to help orphans without shoes and without hope of getting such.

We also used small portion to support widows who off course are mothers of the orphans.

It is of great importance that transparency and accountability must be a watch word of an NGO.

NGO founders and Directors must learn to separate their income from that of NGO and maintain a clear record for the NGO.

We also encourage donor agencies not to count all NGOs in Nigeria and Africa as fraud but do thorough investigation and will realize the good ones.

Thank you.

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