No to widows and orphans maltreatment

Often times, it borders me to know that many people especially the men are so hardened when it comes to family and relationship matters. Many widows and their orphans are always being abused by men. in 2007 I met a widow who cried to me with ten orphan children saying she just lost the husband and the relations of the husband drove her and the ten orphans away and as at the time of meeting me they were in a single room.

It brought tears out of me why people are so rough in character.

The statistics of widows and orphans in Nigeria states that 0ver 20 million orphans and vulnerable children exist in Nigeria. It further states there multiplied thousands of widows in Nigeria.

While it is important to ask why there are too many widows. We must certainly know what kills the husband suddenly and spares wife and children to suffer.

But while on such findings it is of great importance to protect, clothe, accommodate, feed and support orphans and their widow mothers.

Since 2007 we have reached several hundreds of widows and over one thousand orphans with shoes, clothes, food and microfinance.

Special thanks to all our partners for always personally donating in cash and kind.

The whole world must rise to the task of stopping abuse of widows and their orphans both in Nigeria and Africa.

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