TOP 10 reasons why you should volunteer now in COCODEV

TOP 10 reasons why you should volunteer now

1. Make a difference:

Charitable causes the world over always need more support to achieve their goals. You can be that difference that helps to change lives for the better. When it comes to NGOs every small action really does contribute to something bigger. What better reason is there than to help change the world for the better?

2. Enjoy yourself:

Volunteering can be an amazing experience full of laughter, new experiences and new friends. You will get to see and do things that you may not have the chance to otherwise. Volunteer and you’ll create memories that will last you a lifetime.

3. Improve your health:

Yes, really! Recent research has shown that volunteering makes a measurable positive difference on individuals overall happiness and mental well being. Forget about the gym, take care of others and yourself at the same time by volunteering!

4. Develop new skills:

Volunteering often pushes people to develop new skills and new ways of thinking. Just being in a different environment where people work differently can help you to develop life long skills that help you in every part of your life.

5. Give your career a boost:

Volunteering is one of the most respected ways of gaining experience according to employers. If you want to get ahead try volunteering for an organization that works in a similar field to where you want to work and try to absorb as much as you can. It will not only look great on your CV, it will give you an edge when going for your dream job.

6. Be inspired:

Most charitable organizations are full of interesting people with stories to tell, but often the beneficiaries your NGO supports are even better! Whether you are being regaled with stories from the past by an elderly couple or a young child is showing you all the different ways to look at the world, often you can’t help but be inspired!

7. Give something back:

Many of us live extremely fortunate lives. We have a roof over our head, family, friends and rarely go to sleep hungry. The world isn’t like that for everyone. In fact, there is unimaginable suffering taking place in almost every country in the world. A lot of us leave privileged lives and if we have the opportunity to give something back to the world then we really should.

8. Be part of something big:

A lot of us will only be able to donate a relatively small amount of time each week, but it is important to see the bigger picture you are contributing to. Powerful work is made up of thousands of actions from any number of people who come together to build something better. Contribute to something amazing and help create a better world for everyone.

9. Change lives:

Many volunteering roles offer you the chance to contribute to people’s lives directly. Whether you are helping out in an old peoples home or at a centre for disabled people, many NGOs will give you the opportunity to make personal connections. Sometimes all it takes is a smile and a pleasant conversation to brighten up someones day. Volunteering gives you the chance to make a unique contribution to peoples lives, don’t miss out!

10. Use your skills:

Often referred to as pro bono support, this type of volunteering involves donating your professional skills to a charitable organisation. Whether you are an accountant, lawyer, nurse, teacher, manager, mechanic or almost any other profession, you can find an organisation that is badly in need of your professional skills. Help organisations you believe in to save their money on professional fees and support them to help more people in more ways than before.

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